1. Have a city siege start between 7 – 8pm. Normally enough on its own to kill the evening, since the sieging side tends to log post siege.

2. Have the launch of a major MMO on the Thursday. This really didn’t help in the slightest. I will be really trying to get a feel of population numbers over the next few weeks. Given the queues, I do hope people kept their Warhammer subscriptions active so they could play while the queued. You could easily flip a zone or two in the time you were queuing.

3. Have a warband of very high RR players roam praag, post city siege and slaughter 1’s and 2’s. Congratulations on being a bunch of inbreds. I think it proves the very valid point, that high RR isn’t any indication of skill, just the ability to throw more time at the problem.


Missed A Trick

As you may or may not be aware, I’ve been concerned about the number of Royal Crests I’ve been acquiring, or haven’t which is more accurate assessment. At the moment I’m RR73 and have about 40 royal crests, with 4 bits of sovereign armour. Not really a great position to be in. But I have to admit to being a bit of an idiot and have let my dislike of Thanquols Incursion (TI) blind me to it being a more reliable source of high level crests. Yes I know you all know this, but I’ve been a wee bit slow on the uptake.

All those Skaven incursions that have been popping  since I hit RR65 have been missed opportunites. They pop a lot more frequently than city sieges and all the doomflayer/warpforged crests in stage 2 and stage 3 can be swapped down for a lower set and most of the time it’s a straight bit of PvE, with a total run time of 20 mins. 

It’s another one of those circumstances where the apparent purpose of something wasn’t very clear at the start, but now the clouds have parted it’s a completely different ball game.

Well at least I have time to rectify to rectify my situation.

If you are playing Rift at the moment, I hope it’s fun. I’m sure the queues will get more reasonable in a couple of weeks. If you’ve still got queues in a months time, then look at it as being a very positive sign.

Hopefully we’ll have a response from Mythic in a couple of weeks time, as to what they have planned, to hit ex players with, once the 1st month of Rifts paid subscription is up.

I think it’s only wise to let these things run their cause.

Tier 3 Is The Old Tier 4

I finally “Got It” this morning, after a night of simmering annoyance and rereading the patch notes. Sometimes it would be nice if certain changes came with an instruction manual, as to the whys and wherefores. A single line can cover quite significant changes. I’d just like to point out, I’m not a bloody mushroom.

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What Would Bring You Back?

Now let’s be honest, this is a huge open-ended question and would probably met with huge numbers of “Over my dead body”. However if you were to put your  emotionally charged responses to one side, with all that “I feel betrayed by Mythic crap” and behaved rationally in the cold light of day (Don’t refer to my previous post, because I’m still bloody annoyed). What would it be? Is it one thing, is it even a reasonable request?

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Armour Changes In 1.4.1

Okay I’m a bit confused/angry by the purpose of the changes and the need to insert a new armour set between Warlord and Sovereign. These are the new RR’s for armour, bar the new set “Worn”:-

The Renown Rank and level requirements for several item sets have been reduced to allow players to use them sooner in their careers. This applies to the following sets: Annihilator, Conqueror, Invader, and Warlord.

o Annihilator – Level 25 to use, equipable at renown ranks 25-29

o Conqueror – Level 35 to use, equipable at renown ranks 30-35

o Invader – Level 39 to use, equipable at renown ranks 40-45

o Warlord – Level 40 to use, equipable at renown ranks 54-60

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Yep, the god of war had a right mood on last night and pretty much switched off for the whole evening. I appreciate that Tyr is also the god of war (Single combat), but since I don’t like to get my hands dirty, I stuck with Odin.

I log on, just missing a city siege and then spent the rest of the evening in zones which were just not going to flip. I mean Praag really wanted to, we had a successful defensive of the Southern Garrison, while our forces were also sieging Garrison Of Skulls in the north. Having been involved in both defense and attack, I was looking at 2 keep bonuses, which is always nice when it happens.

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Open Discussion

It was pleasing to see something that I mentioned briefly before, but never really expected to see from Mythic, open discussion of a topic. The starting point of the thread is the following post by James Casey.

Hey all,

The reason for this post is two-fold:

One, I didn’t get to discuss this much in the producer’s letter and I plan to address it more in the notes for patch 1.4.1 and my next letter, but we wanted to let you know we have some short and long-term goals for some of the concerns on power/gear gap. You can see the first of these changes for yourself during the public test for 1.4.1, we’ll have more details for you soon.

Secondly, as part of continuing communication with the players, I’d like to open up discussion on ideas earlier. 

There are several caveats.  (similar to how we handle dev discussions)


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