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It looks good, actually looks very good. So travel over here to see a 2 minute exclusive trailer for Game Of Thrones on Entertainment Weekly.

The other news, is that the lazy bastard has pulled his finger out of his ass and given a publication date for A Dance With Dragons of July 12. Don’t have a year, but we of course pray it’s this year. It’s not finished though, so lets hope he uses a Jedi mind trick to get his focus back. He really could do with taking a lesson from Steven Erikson (Go and buy this guys work, it’s f’ing brilliant).

Did you know it’s 6 years since the last book was released, Feast Of Crows. I rest my case.

On a Warhammer note, very unhappy about being out 3 nights this week and basically not had any chance to take any real advantage of double RP.


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In a couple of weeks, the last installment of a 10 book epic will come out, it’s called The Crippled God and it’s written by Steven Erikson. The “Malazan Book Of The Fallen” series is good, in fact it’s bloody excellent and in my opinion better than both the Wheel Of Tme (Robert Jordan & Brandon Sanderson) or the A Song Of Fire And Ice (G.R.R.Martin) series. Also this author has managed to avoid the failings of the other authors, which is the ability to produce a high quality series in a timely manner.


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