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It looks good, actually looks very good. So travel over here to see a 2 minute exclusive trailer for Game Of Thrones on Entertainment Weekly.

The other news, is that the lazy bastard has pulled his finger out of his ass and given a publication date for A Dance With Dragons of July 12. Don’t have a year, but we of course pray it’s this year. It’s not finished though, so lets hope he uses a Jedi mind trick to get his focus back. He really could do with taking a lesson from Steven Erikson (Go and buy this guys work, it’s f’ing brilliant).

Did you know it’s 6 years since the last book was released, Feast Of Crows. I rest my case.

On a Warhammer note, very unhappy about being out 3 nights this week and basically not had any chance to take any real advantage of double RP.


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