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I have to be honest, it’s all a bit confusing, but that could just be my age. Every time I think I have it nailed down, something happens which throws me. So here’s my rough handle on things.

If you manage to flip a zone, you get a bonus for contributing to capturing the keep, which as a healer is easy. You also get a bonus if you’ve defend your keep in the zone before the flip occurs. Brilliant, so 10K for the flip, + 2 * 5K, for “defending” your keep and “attacking” their keep = 20K.

Then you can get a small bonus, for capturing a BO, just before the zone flip, lets say 2K. Hard one to get to be honest, because they’re constantly being taken. Now I’m not sure if this bonus is specifically related to the end of tier zones, like for instance Chaos Wastes and Reikland.

I’ve also had one situation where I’m pretty sure I’ve been awarded a bonus for the capture of a keep in the previous zone. So I was involved in the capture of the Destro keep in Kadrin Valley and then was involved in the capture of the Thunder Mountain Destro keep. Which seemed to award me 3 * 5K, 5K for defending TM Order keep, 5K capturing TM Destruction keep and 5K for capturing the Destruction keep in Kadrin Valley. Which seemed to be a rolling total of accrued keep captures in the tier. Of course it may have been related to lack of sleep, but I definitely saw 3 * 5K. Was I just drunk on Christmas spirit? A nice reward for those who have ample free time.

Now I’m sure you’ve noticed and I hope it’s not me, but the end of tier zones seem to be a lot more focused on contribution when it comes to the keep bonus, where as the middle zone, like Praag, is more a fixed value for the contribution. Ever wondered why people rush outside the warcamp in an end of tier zone, when it’s just been lost to Destruction/Order, that’s because an RP bonus is awarded for the defense. You could stay inside the warcamp, but you’d miss any AAO that’s being offered. Hell I picked up 9K one morning for an unsuccessful defense of Kadrin Valley, by the time the 400% AAO had been applied. Not bad for getting my ass whipped. Now with Praag, there you just a few officer medallions and a warlord crest flung my way, which reinforces my belief in the 1st line of this paragraph.

I’ve tried for a while to get a handle on the award of bonuses and how the mechanic actually works. So if you know, then post it up and let everyone in on the secret.

I often wonder if this is why people often mill around the keeps in an attack, because they want to be sure that they qualify for keep capture bonus, because they’re clueless as what else rewards them? It’s like, oooh if I run off to defend that BO or recapture it, will I lose my contribution/bonus? If I jump to another zone to help out there, do I lose my contribution to this zone? The problem is, is that by making the system opaque, it just limits people’s willingness to try new things.


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The final part of my 1.3.2 PTS preview and a small thank god from me. The next one of these I do, I’m aiming to be a lot less verbal.

So we’re down to the changes to the keeps and fortresses. It seems like the keeps in Warhammer are proving to be a bit of a tough nut for Mythic to crack. To difficult, then they just stand alone like a steaming turd on a winters day, to easy and they’re up and down like a whores draws.  Now I’m really sympathetic to the apathy regarding keeps, I just find them so goddamn boring, not matter what the rewards are, they just don’t justify the time invested, especially when heavily defended. It doesn’t help that they bring my antique PC to its knees, with nary a glance in their direction. I thought I found keep takes boring in DAOC, yet Warhammer certainly surpasses them in that regard, which is funny considering Warhammer provides significantly more rewards for capturing those miserable heaps. For me it comes down to lack of fun, design and performance.


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