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UPDATE: The code bnf7yaq9g gives a 20% discount on EA Store purchases.

So you’re all pumped up and ready to go, but go where. You need to acquire your RvR Packs. Now assuming that I’m correct you need to go here first.

Warhammer @ EAStore

Note, that at the moment it is showing 11 items, 10 items first page, 1 item second page. I’m kind of assuming that the new RVR Packs will appear at the top of the first page tomorrow, but you never know with these companies, so keep an eye on the second page. If you’re searching, just try “Warhammer”, “Warhammer Online” brings up entries related to Ultima Online.


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If there is one thing that seems to be causing more fat to be chewed, than anything else at the moment, it’s the RVR Progression pack. Below we have the brief description of it’s core function, which is all we have to work with at this time.

The Progression Pack gives players an opportunity to advance through the Renown Ranks faster and advance their character up to Renown Rank 100! This includes access to all bonuses, items, and rewards that are gated by the expanded Renown Ranks.

Fair enough I suppose. Now there is one itty bitty line further down in the 1.4 patch notes that’s causing a lot of consternation among the players who are currently aware of it.

* Players that have purchased the Progression Pack will find that their Renown gain has been boosted for Renown Ranks 0-80.


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Without a doubt, things are so much better than when we started on this merry journey nearly 2 years ago. Frame rates are up, network lag is down and things are just peachy, most of the time. Yet, we still have those occasional situations where the game becomes a bit of a nightmare. You’re stuck in endless loops of effects, people aren’t where you’d expect them to be, your enemy rides past you, assuming that you’re not really there, the CTDs start to appear and spell effects appear in clusters.


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What A Waste Of 1’s And 0’s

So you’ve all read the “news”. What little that can be gleaned from the crumbs that have fallen from the table at Gamescom. Why waste my time with insignificant crap like this. Are Mythic being specifically obtuse in some vain hope of appearing mystical?

1. 3 RvR packs – How exactly does this fit together. What are my options?

2. Skaven – In what form, how will it work?

3. 20 more renown levels. Marvelous, but you’ve eased the curve for the earlier levels. Why not throw in a pack of cookies while you’re at it. It’s to early to be easing the Renown point curve.

Why am I so arsed off? Well because Mythic have wasted my time. I have a limited amount of time on this earth and the older I get, the less tolerant I get of other people’s foolishness. So if you are one of the morons that work in the EA or Mythic PR departments, then all I can say is “Major Fail”. You can’t conduct a PR campaign without putting some meat on those bones and you couldn’t even make a basic stock with the bones we have been given. 

I still can’t believe that I’ve used up valuable disk space in my browser cache for this amount of information.

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One of my guildies put me onto this, so thanks Perly. It looks like the data has been moved and is running on the servers in Germany. So with a little bit of effort on your part, you can get back to the grindstone of killing your mortal foe, once they realise you are already on the new servers.

Now before you try this, make sure you read the full thread (Incase there any recent problems) and you make a backup of your current install. This allows you to carry on playing the GOA servers, if Mythic have to bring down the ones in Germany for any problems. So if you take this opportunity, please don’t blame anyone else apart from yourself for trying to get a headstart.

Page 3 has a comment from Andy_Mythic, explaining they are effectively doing a soft launch, which is basically a gentle ramping up of numbers, while watching all the kit and looking for any early indicators of any problems. He also mentions why you will see some large numbers … don’t worry it’s just doing a complete file check.

As Andy says, they may have to do a complete rollback, it’s not envisaged but is always a possibility, so please don’t whine if it happens. By jumping in early you are taking a calculated risk.

Okay I think I said it enough times now, be it upon your own head.

So here’s the thread, good luck.

Thanks to Bruglir on the Warhammer Alliance forums.

UPDATE 4th July 2010: The file check process (9.7GB) on my machine is extremely slow, I’m getting about 1MB checked every 2/3 seconds, so be prepared for a long wait. I’m hoping that it’s not the same for everyone, otherwise people will be chewing the carpet with frustration and wouldn’t be a good introduction to Mythic, regardless of the reason for the sluggishness. I’ve probably been running the check for about 4 hours now, with about 3.8 GB checked.

Spec wise, I have a i7 920, 6GB Memory, WD 300GB Raptor sitting at the end of a 50MB internet connection, running Windows 7 x64 ultimate. Saying that, the disk is very full that Warhammer is installed on, with about 16GB free out of 225GB. The disk doesn’t require defraging.

UPDATE 2 4th July 2010: Had the process crash at 90%, however on restart it picked up from that file and carried on, which is a result, else I would have smashed my head into a wall. Still painfully slow, getting about 15 – 20K a second. Mmmm, pretty sure it’s not my internet connect. I’d love to do a tracert to the new war servers in Germany if I could get an ip address, something is definitely not right. I performed a reboot, just incase something OS wise had got barfed. Tried some downloads this morning just to test and was hitting 6.12MB a sec from a server in Europe.

UPDATE 3 4th July 2010 : In. Result. Okay when you log in for the first time, you’ll see the 2 sides and a servers button at the bottom. Click that server button. The server list will come up. Don’t panic when you see no characters listed against your old server. Just click on the server and connect. Your characters will be listed from that point forward. Enjoy.

UPDATE 4 5th July 2010 : Extra bits of information from Andy_Mythic 1 and 2.

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Well the transfers are happening a lot faster than I ever anticipated, like tomorrow (Tue 29/06/10) for the data images, followed by a weeks worth of limbo time, where my characters will not be able to progress one little bit. I’d imagine this is to allow time to strap the CD’s to the back of the inter gerbil express, all the way to the land of the schnitzel (I’ve not got a lot of love for my Teutonic friends at the moment, since they embarrassed England so badly yesterday). If you’re the slightest bit confused as to what I’m talking about, get your ass over here.

What’s good about this speed, is that there’s no time to get into a tis about it. By the time you’re aware of it, it will probably already have happened. Though you’ll probably end up sending customer support a CSR about this really critical bug that’s occurring = NO XP/RP Gain … Crisis.

As a consequence of this all, I’ve decided to take a week off and spend some quality time with wife. Of course I wouldn’t dream of mentioning why she’s getting my undivided attention, why ruin the mood. Now all I need to find is my Barry White CD!

One more thing, does this actually mean some of the Mythic faithful will leave their North American stronghold, to visit their poorer cousins in Europe, now that we are paying directly into the same coffers.

Okay, one final thing. I will honestly be sorry to see GOA go, along with the staff who I imagine will be losing their jobs. I was scathing at the beginning, but things have been running well for a long time now. Screw their website though.

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Goodbye GOA, hello Mythic.

Now I’m going to be upfront and say, I’m not sure that this is a good thing. If we can forget for a minute about GOA’s crappy Warhammer website and look a little bit deeper into why this is all happening?


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Obviously where Warhammer is concerned, quite a few. So welcome Carrie to the depressingly long list of underperformers. Maybe a little bit harsh, but so many changes at the helm, doesn’t really bode well for the game, now does it.

As you can probably deduce, I am briefly back, as I take a minor break from battling my media centre. Now there’s a project that just keeps on taking. But I will not be defeated, it will bow before my will and take the shape of a device that will serve all my media needs. Though I would happily stake a few MS developers if I had the chance.

This past week I have been sampling the delights of Warhammer 1.3.4 , while I seek to adjust myself to the game that I have pretty much left alone for a couple of months now. It’s frightening how quickly you lose track of what does what. For the love of me I can’t remember how to work out the VPs. Maybe that will come back to me shortly. Of course it could all be an age thing.

While I dabble in Warhammer, my DAOC characters have been transferred to the Mythic domain, and I now wait upon Mythic to give me the option to transfer them to a busy US server, along with the rest of my DAOC gaming buddies. I find it slightly strange to be considering re awakening my DAOC life, even if only for one night a week. Has Warhammer missed the mark by so much, or is it merely the opportunity to play with a tight group of friends, which propels me down this path.

I hope all of you that frequent the Warhammer servers are well and in a generally positive frame of mind.

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Now given the depressing Mythic/Warhammer news over the last couple of days, I needed something to make me laugh, preferably at the expense of another MMO. Ovron, who’s a fellow guildie provide this link to a video, with Hitler venting his rage over the mass PvP crash issue in Aion, which I know absolutely nothing about and don’t even care if it’s true, but it made me chuckle and that’s what I needed. So follow the link fellow Warhammers and have a laugh, you’ll probably need it at the moment.

If you’ve seen it already, then you’ll know what I mean. It does contain some subtitled swear words, so consider your location before you open up the link.

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Okay, it looks like the 80 people laid off at Mythic is being confirmed. For the people involved it’s a bloody disaster and for the game of Warhammer it has every indication of the last couple of nails being rammed into the coffin. You can’t lay off 40% of your staff and expect there to be no repercussions for the games involved. Not in my most positive frame of mind, can I possibly see this as a good thing.


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