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Those of you, who spend some of your time reading Warhammer blogs will probably already know, there has been a marked downturn in the number of active blogs recently, with others choosing to embrace a broader spectrum of topics.


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Okay, last reminder for this Saturday.

If you just want to have a pint or 2/3/4 then come along and say hello. If you know someone who you think may be interested in talking Warhammer + WoW + other things like politics (Lied) then direct them to the above link.

I appreciate that meeting people you have never met before, in person is a bit wierd. But don’t worry it will be fine. Spinks (Spinksville), Arbitary (Book Of Grudges) and Ardua (Echoes Of Nonsense) will be there and I am sure a good discussion will be taking place. So don’t be a stranger, just come along, even if only for an hour.

If the conversation is that bad, there is always McDonalds.

It’s not to late, just book that train/plane/automobile and suitable accommodation for your budget.

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Well it certainly seems so. In the recent past, we have had the situation with resists being capped, or as Mythic said, you are rewarded with diminishing returns. This obviously had the knock on effect of increasing the damage that certain characters types have been doing (Think magic users). The response to this, is not fine tuning the dps (The longer job) to take into effect this resistance change, but stopping certain spells from overlapping. The current short list is rain of fire and pit of shades. So now if you want to use these spells, you better be quick with the good old trigger finger, since you could be utilising this spell and seeing bugger all happen. Now that’s going to be rewarding eh? Yeah yeah, I know you are going to say, that you can’t reactively redo a massive retooling of these spells, without an out pouring of hate. I refer you to my blog title.


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Logged on at 7.30pm with 340K of level 35 already obtained, with a total of 760K required for level 36. 1hr 20mins later and 420K of xp, level 36 is nicely in the bag. All the way on I think 2/3 days worth of rested XP. All I can say is thank you to Sigmar and his tavern. Thanks to the humanoid mobs in Praag levels 35 – 37. Job done.

Short blog entry tonight, since I have been otherwise detained (See above).

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Well Mythic have felt it was necessary to actually state they are “Still” working on stability and performance, both on the server and the client. I actually find it sad that they have needed to do this. At this point in Warhammer Online life it was blindingly obvious that they would be actively working on it.

The development team will be trying to wring every ouch of FPS from the client, reducing network traffic to the minimum, tuning the server side calculations to their most optimal form, spreading server side workload over as many processors & cores as possible. But this is not a five minute job. Its bloody long tedious job, with small gains sometimes taking a whole rethink of design.

As interviews with the 2 main engine developers from ID and Unreal have often stated, along with many others, that learning to spread the code to work over many cores is a long and educational process. It was also stated that the process of code base optimisation only ever happened towards the very end, when you are feature complete. Lets be honest Warhammer wasn’t feature complete for a long time and some would argue it still isn’t. But you have to separate game features from engine features, but in the end they will cross over.

We also need to remember that the warhammer client (Gamebyro) is a purchased product. Now how much freedom Mythic have to change the engine is unknown, but there will be a two way process going on (I imagine), with conversations along the line of …. “The engine is still not handling the texture thrashing well… Those additional cores are still not being used”. I am sure you get the drift.

I read an article on anandtech a while back, on introducing an SSD into a server setup. The crux of the article was that simply moving the PHP logfile onto the SSD and leaving the database on the normal harddrives boosted the transactional processing by 25%. At no time had the performance tuning of the database indicated that there was a bottle neck on logfile writes.

Performance tuning is an art and hopefully Mythic have enough talent to remove some of these technical restrictions and full scale battles can start.

PS – 27.2

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Okay a big second post and this is mainly due to Mark Jacobs. So without further ado my thoughts on what has been posted.

Well the initial plans are out in the open, but before I get into the detail of the post by Mark Jacobs, the question I would be asking is, should further server merges be put on hold for medium and high population servers.  Wouldn’t it be best to see the outcome of these changes in 1.1 and their effect on ORvR before any further server consolidation took place.

Anyway onto the post by MJ.

First, we have created an RvR Influence system.  This system is designed to reward our oRvR players with lots of new stuff that you can only get through oRvR.  This will be a complimentary system to our PQ Influence system.  This system is already implemented in 1.1 and is scheduled to go LIVE along with that version in December.   

Intriguing, but if we are looking at a new measure of influence, then whats going to gain the influence. Is it just going to be a generic influence or gaining of influence with a yet undisclosed faction ? Ideally I would like to something with a bit of back story.  But I would see it as being tier wide influence bar. With more stages to it, than the current 3 stage reward system of the PQ’s.

Will these rewards interweave with the current Realm Rank equipment or is it a attempt to push off radar the less than satisfactory equipment from RvR vendors? I hope the RvR vendor re-itemisation doesn’t get forgotten. No point in discarding whats already in place, if all that’s required is a refresh.

Okay this is one this particular problem has been bugging me alot. Split RvR maps, no idea of whats happening in other racial pairings (Even your own pairing tbh) without checking the maps, no information on what keeps/BOs are being taken or how long ago they were taken (e.g. is it even worth travelling to that keep, if it was taken 1 hour ago?). Ingame RSS feed ideally, with a supporting grid giving a break down of keeps/BOs by racial pairing by tier, with time passed since their capture. Woops me going off on one… Lets see whats been said.

Second, we want to improve the visibility that players have into oRvR and make it easier for players to get involved in the action quickly and easily.   We have a number of wide-ranging changes going into our map and travel systems to allow players to better understand the state of oRvR in our game and also allow them to get to the action faster.  We have already taken one step with putting a Rally Master in each Warcamp but we will also add the ability for people to have a second bind point to make it even easier for players to move around the maps.  We will also make it easily for players to see where players from their Realm are engaging in oRvR, a Campaign HUD for all tiers and other improvements We will also improve Tier-wide messaging about what is going on in Battlefield Objectives and Keeps.  Other additions include changes to the UI, in-game manual improvements, map enhancements, and a few other changes.

In principal I like the idea of quests in the ORvR lakes, for RPs and influence. I think they are needed. But … they need to be of varying levels of participation, from single person through to groups and maybe up to warband level. Where as we have kill x players at the moment, you need x players to be around. Whereas an npc event would reward regardless. Binding these quests into gaining tier influence, which intern would give good loot and would help to focus people.

Stealing an idea from WoW AV and one of my favourite moments in Warhammer (The 1st area of Empire where the giant crashes through the trees in the 3rd stage of the 1st PQ). Allow influence gains to fall into a pool of blood which would summon a special mob which would help take down a keep until the summoned mobs hps had disappeared or its timer had run down.

Third, we want to provide greater incentives to players to participate in oRvR. In order to accomplish this we will be adding additional layers to the questing system of oRvR including the addition of Keep Quests, “Daily Event Quests”, Chained RvR Missions, improve the initial Tome Unlocks and other oRvR-oriented Events. We will also improve our BO itemization. Our goal is to provide players with even more incentive for participating in oRvR than we have already.

Onto the fourth point, which at the moment is right on the ball. Since for our guild its just not happening. Keep upgrades were good in DAOC and with further refinement would work equally well here.

Fourth, we want to encourage guilds to take and control keeps, and we will continue our work on adding better rewards for Guilds who own Keeps as well as the addition of a system of Keep upgrades. This system will be added to the game in several stages beginning in the late winter.

Its funny, once we hit level 20 our progress slowed right down. Now this maybe due to our player base just shrinking, or the guild levels becoming significantly harder to obtain. Honestly I think it was down to our player base shrinking after the 4th week. One more point here, is late winter, the 4th quarter 2008 or 1st Quarter 2009.

Lastly we have “Fame”.

Finally, we will begin work on a global oRvR “Fame” system that will be tied directly to the Tome of Knowledge which will provide more rewards, titles, experience, etc. for participating and being successful in oRvR. This system will provide even more incentives for people to participate in oRvR than the current systems and one that fits nicely both with the ToK’s concept as “This is your life” as well as an additional advancement and reward system..

Alot of people have pointed out that the unlocks for ORvR seem abit sparse. This will fill in the void, I hope.

I think this was a very strong post by Jacobs, enough of an overview to see the direction they want to go, without providing to much ammunition for the naysayers, if XY and Z doesn’t appear on schedule. I know people say, well it should have been all in front the start. Well maybe so, if they had released in 1st quarter 2009. But that didn’t happen, so you can choose to take a small 2-3 month shore leave or just move forward and enjoy the journey.

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Well where to start…..

Hopefully this will be first of many posts in the life of the Rune Priest Skarmedidoc within the world of Warhammer Online. This blog will often comment on some of the questionable designs decisions that Mythic took (Henceforth known as WTF were they thinking).

Now Skarmedidoc is a healer, not a great one but hopefully one that will improve with practice and patient understanding of my guild mates. Who often have to point that i should be using X Y and Z.

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