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I’ve got be honest, but the changes unveiled here have actually impressed me. Points I like:-

1. It’s 24 vs 24, so a group of 6 can have an impact instead of being swallowed up in the general zerg.

2. A bit of planning can go a long way, which is nice. It does mean though, that the unorganised will be punished quite badly. 

3. Spineless scenario jumpers will be penalised. Yes you out there, grow a backbone and fight it out.

4. Becoming a champion was a nice touch. Could we have the champions slightly bigger than the rest of unchampioned AKA the riff raff. As any man will tell you, size IS important, even if it’s only virtual.

5. I like that the control points have a bonus effect in stage 3.

I would have liked to have seen some kind of mechanism to reward a successful defense, by granting your city immunity for a certain period (Is this already in the game?). But I suppose at the beginning people will want to hammer the hell out of each others cities. This will pretty much move the action into the cities during a city seige, which I believe is the point. No more, oh shit another city seige, which lowbie character needs work today.

I’m not sure how important the scoreboard is going to be, but it would have been nice to have everything in place before this is rolled out.

As with any changes which involved the humans, you can only go so far with trust, a trust that they aren’t going to exploit the hell out of an inconsistencies that they may find. I can only hope we finally get an end game experience that we have so sadly been lacking for so long. Only time will tell if this is what the majority have been seeking.

Nice job Mythic. Bah Humbug.

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Can something be too successful? Well Codpeace of Knights Of The Feathered Hat seems to think so, with an article entitled “The Darker Side Of Zone Domination“.  It’s a ruddy good read and well worth clicking on (read it before continuing any further on here). It certainly gets the old gray matter swirling.


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Well it seems that a number of blogs have hit upon roughly the same city capture issues  over the weekend. You see I am not losing my mind. Now Reroller put something together which was much more coherently constructed than my previous days rant, so pop over and have a good read. Oh yes, if you also have time read this at Hardcore Casual, it covers Syncaines experiences, which were the total opposite of mine. It’s always good to have balanced opinions, to much negativity can rot the brain.


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