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As you may have noticed, my blog list tends to be rather short. This is not a reflection on the number of warhammer blogs on the web, merely a list of the blogs I read on a regular basis.

Quite a few of my stalwart blogs have passed over to the other side in last few months, which has led to a rather short blog list. Now after a Grimnir gave me a gentle verbal kicking over my slightly down at the mouth view of warhammer blogging, I got off my arse and starting reading a few more, to re-expand my universe, so to speak.

Now I tend to only add those blogs which I am reading on a regular basis and I am really slow to expand my reading list. So I added Shadow War, Bootae’s Bloody Blog and Grimnirs Grudge today.

On a more warhammer game related note, I am basically waiting on LotD to get things going again. I am still playing, but finding fewer things to write about. As usual I have a couple of items squirreled away, but since I think they will only be of interest to me, I will keep them on back burner for now.

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It’s the truth, not a lots happening.

The guild is quiet, warhammer is quiet and a lot of the blogs are quiet. On the guild front, I am hoping that things will pick up when the Land Of The Dead turns up. Though I am in no particular rush for that, as long as it’s stable when it arrives.


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