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Was fast, furious and a lot of fun. It’s always nice when this one returns to the fold. What’s goood about it, is that if you have a live event tied in, those TOK unlocks start flying in, just like when you start a new character. In fact it was so busy on the scenario side of things, that I barely had time to do any PVE.


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Honestly, there is nothing in there, that if you’ve read the 1.3 patch notes you will already be fully informed, but if you are a completest, then here it is, Part 2.

I do hope Mythic have set realistic resourcing target levels for each side when LotD rolls out, so population mismatches are dealt with from the off. It would be silly not to have prepared suitable targets.

Regarding the 1.3.0 changes, there are some very welcome ones, such as the crafting bag. How this was every missed or skipped, is beyond me. You only have to play a salvager to know about the insufficient storage.

The customisable action bars will be nice, the current ones are quite inflexible to be honest.

The scenario changes which effect the items which need to be carried are a bonus, to many times you grab a flag/bomb because it’s undefended and get nothing for it, especially when you are out of range of your team and are denied the realm points they have been earning. So carrying the flag can be a totally thankless task. Tablec Dam, Black Fire Basin, Phoenix Gates can be hardly worth the effort of participating, rarely making the 500 points, that Tor Anroc does so simply.

You will notice a lot of the scenarios that had this carry bomb/flag issue, will get a bonus. Which will hopefully uplift the score in these scenario to something worthwhile.

The pet changes will also be welcome, I am fed up with my White Lion going slower than a slug when attacking another player.

There are a multitude of other changes in 1.3.0, but since Europe doesn’t get them till tomorrow, I will have no real impressions until the end of the week. I hope that if you already stuck into the pre-LotD Live Event, you are having a good time.

Finally, who is off to watch Transformers this weekend?

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Okay, far to much to comment on at the moment, put I will be working through it again to pick out my highlights. Please take a balanced view on any character changes, I am sure no one is out to get you personally.

So without further ado, go hither for 1.3.0. What I will say is, there are a lot of userability changes in there, that people have been asking for, for quite a while, so make sure you read the whole thing.

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